IntrepidTM Series
Optimal OPCPA Pump Laser
Variable Pulsewidth Laser
Energies from 100 mJ to over 5J
Pulsewidths from 3-8 ns
Repetition rates up to 10 Hz
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Interpid Series : OPCPA Pump Lasers

The Intrepid laser is designed for optimal pumping of OPCPA amplifiers. Its output is temporally flat as well as spatially flat for uniform amplification of the seed pulse.

Continuum has developed a family of high energy pump lasers specifically tailored to pump OPCPA and Ti:Sapphire amplifiers. Unlike competitive approaches that focus on aftermarket accessories to improve beam quality, we design it into the lasers. These lasers deliver unmatched beam quality for superior performance . All lasers come with a sophisticated Graphical User Interface for optimal control. Together, the Intrepid and can be combined to scale a high energy laser system from TW to PW.


Advantages of the Continuum TW & PW Pump Lasers
  • Intrinsic beam quality, built into the laser
  • Unique Temporal quality
  • Sophisticated Graphical User Interface
  • Unmatched experience (installed customer base)
  • Global reach